How to Hide Helmet Cams – A How-To Guide

If you are like the thousands of people that use helmet cams, then you know how difficult it is to “hideward” traffic in today’s world. Many businesses, public facilities, and other such entities, utilize video surveillance equipment or CCTV to monitor the activities going on within their facilities or to monitor the activities of their employees outside of their facility. Video surveillance can help to prevent theft and monitor employee safety. Unfortunately, it also poses certain challenges to those trying to hide helmet cameras. Fortunately, there are two solutions for this particular problem and we will discuss them below.

One way how to hide helmet cameras is to use a helmet mount that is not attached to the camera lens. There are currently a number of companies that offer cameras that attach to helmets using a twist tie or other fastening device, which means that the helmet cannot be removed without uninstalling the device and potentially losing the video footage. This may not solve the problem, but in many cases it can be a workable solution.

A second way how to hide helmet cameras is to hide them by using a helmet mount that is attached to the back of any cyclist’s helmet. These cams are not attached to the front, so they can’t be removed without also removing the helmet. The downside to this solution is that the individual cycling won’t be able to tell that they are being monitored while they are engaged in the activity. In addition, this solution does not protect cyclists from weather conditions or road conditions. In this case, a separate monitor that is weather resistant and waterproof may be a better option.

How to hide helmet cams is another consideration when a person is concerned about their safety. One way that this can be accomplished is by purchasing a helmet mount that attaches to the front of a bicycle helmet. These devices will not display any information on them, so even if a person is wearing a reflective helmet, they will not be able to tell that they are being watched. This solution is also unattractive but is the most commonly used by those interested in how-to-hide-helmet-in-legion.

How to hide cams that are hidden by a mask can also be an effective solution. These cameras use a special type of camcorder that projects the image of the person being monitored behind a mask. Because these cameras have no viewfinder, it is important that the person being monitored knows there are cameras watching them. However, because some hidden cams have an automatic zoom lens, this problem is eliminated.

People who want to know how to hide helmet cams that are hidden by a mask will find that there are plenty of options available. The most popular cameras that are used for this purpose are installed on poles and hung from ceilings or walls. Some of these devices even have motion sensors that will turn their light on if they move. With these devices, any person who is monitoring a bike race or cycling event can be sure that the participant is being watched, but still able to enjoy the activity.

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